Jewellery Care

All our jewellery is carefully made in our London studio.
Love, cherish and care for it and it should last longer than a lifetime!
So here are some tips;

Remember to remove your jewellery when showering and doing physical tasks that may cause stress and damage to your delicate piece.
Storing jewellery in plastic bags with an interlocking seal when not in use slows the natural tarnishing process and protects the piece from scratches.

Silver pieces
our silver pieces are made from solid sterling silver, which tarnishes naturally and requires occasional
cleaning. To clean, gently polish your piece with a silver jewellery polishing cloth, or dip in silver dip
and make sure it is rinsed thoroughly. For white, matt finished pieces, we recommend using silver dip.

Oxidised silver
Oxidised sterling silver is intentionally darkened silver made by tarnishing it in a controlled way to
increase detail and the appearance of depth in a design.
The black oxide on silver may wear off or fade in time, depending on wear and the amount of care taken.However, the darkened areas should remain in crevices, giving the piece an antiqued appearance.

Gold vermail pieces
Our gold pieces are made from silver with a thick layer of 18 carat gold coating (vermail)
These do not tarnish like silver, however, the plating can gradually wear. To avoid this, be careful not to
expose your jewellery to harsh chemicals such as perfumes, chlorine and bleach as these can discolour
the piece. So always wear perfume /cream before your pop on your jewellery!
To eliminate any dirt or dust from the surface, clean with warm soapy water and a soft toothbrush, then
rinse well.

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