BARK originally started in 2003 as an intimate, fun project by Japanese born designer Miwako Yoshioka, when she was invited to sell her creations in jewellery boutiques while studying at Guildhall University’s Sir John Cass Department of Art.  She went on to launch her first official collection at Paris Fashion Week in 2005 and has not looked back since.

What started as a personal project has transformed into a small international label but Miwako’s approach is still very much personal and artisanal, reflecting her wistful desire of uniqueness and goal of delivering the highest quality.
Every single piece of jewellery is hand crafted in BARK’s workshop in London, keeping it from becoming a mass produced object.

BARK present two collections a year that are built around different stories and themes, but the aim is to always create timeless pieces that are playful and puts a little smile on the wearer. Each collection is an eclectic cabinet of curiosity where elements of the modern and the nostalgic, the beautiful and the kitsch, the eccentric and the curious meet.

Aiming to offer the antithesis of fast fashion, BARK’s delicate jewels are made with careful attention to detail with the hope that it will be treasured for years to come.